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Music City Mayhem is Back, and WGEL is an official sponsor!!!

Nashville's Independent Radio Station Lightning100 is once again hosting its annual "Music City Mayhem" tournament. Whiskey Ghost Entertainment Law is proud to announce it is an official sponsor for this year's tournament. Details of the tournament and the prizes are below!

For those of you who may not know, Lightning100 hosts an exciting annual tournament to help discover new local bands and musicians in Nashville. The tournament is packed with unbelievable talent and the prizes are outstanding. This year, WGEL joined in on the fun, offering the following prizes:

  • The contestants making it to the elite eight will win a free one-hour general consultation with Colin P. Maher, Esquire to ask any and all legal questions had about the music industry;

  • The winner of MCM wins a $500 credit toward any WGEL legal services!

Those aren't the only prizes available to the contestants (see the full list of prizes below), so be sure to submit for the competition here!

You don't have to be a MCM contestant to connect with WGEL. Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute introductory call or send Colin an email.


The winning band will receive the coveted Music City Mayhem trophy and join the ranks of some of Nashville’s best emerging and established acts. The winning band will also receive an extensive artist development and promotion package that includes the following perks:

The Runner-Up will receive:

The Final 8 bands will receive:

Colin P. Maher, Esq. is the founder of Whiskey Ghost Entertainment Law based in Nashville, Tennessee. Colin is the Lawyer for the New Music Industry, and can help you or your business in every aspect related to the music industry. Find out more about WGEL on the web or schedule a free 15-minute introductory phone call.

Legal services discussed are provided by Colin Maher, Attorney at Law, as a sole proprietor. The foregoing materials contain abbreviated and generalized information presented purely for educational, promotional and general information purposes only and shall not be deemed either legal advice given by or a solicitation for business by Colin P. Maher, Attorney at Law, nor shall it create an attorney-client relationship. The materials should not be relied upon or construed as legal advice and may be out of date. Always secure legal consultation with a qualified attorney. Colin P. Maher, Esq. neither assumes nor bear any liability or responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of these materials.

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