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If you've been to one of my seminars or watched any of my videos, you know one of my sayings is "you don't know what you don't know."  I provide as much free education to musicians and business start ups to help enlighten them to the pitfalls and consequences of their actions so they can better assess whether they have a good deal in front of them or not.

When it comes to contracts in the music industry, there are so many different types of agreements it's difficult to have sufficient knowledge of all of them (split sheets, collaboration agreements, band agreements, record deals, publishing deals, admin deals, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and much more!).  

What's worse, the terms in these agreements are so counter intuitive they can make your head spin (reversion clauses, points, exclusive synchronization rights, first use license, mechanical royalties, controlled composition clause, recoupment, pro-ration, sunset clause, and much more!).

I'm here to help you better understand what you are signing, to negotiate the terms of your agreement, and ensure you are obtaining a fair deal.

Have more questions? Contact Colin now.

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