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Business Formation

There are two major reasons to form a corporation, LLC or other business entity:  (1) limit liability to protect your personal assets and (2) define the operations of the business between two or more people.

Limiting Liability - When a business entity is run properly (simply registering your LLC/corporation is not enough!) you can protect personal assets.  For example, your business enters into a contract with a third party.  The third party believes you violated the agreement and wants to sue.  If your business is its own entity, the third party will have a very hard time suing you as an individual for your personal assets.

Defining the Operations of the Business - Forming a business entity also allows you to define the important aspects of the operations of the company when two or more people are involved.  

What do I mean by "operations"? - There are so many things to think about when running a business with other owners, including the following:

  • Profits - How are profits distributed between the owners, and when is the money distributed?

  • Liabilities - Who is liable if the money is owed to creditors?

  • Voting - What decisions need majority vote, and who runs the day to day operations?

  • Company Property - How is the company property (tangible and intellectual property) split up if your company dissolves?

  • And much much more....

Keep in mind, in most states, simply because you didn't sign a partnership agreement, does not mean you are not considered a partnership.  The downside, the state's laws will define the operations of the business (e.g. everything split equally regardless of whether one partner contributed much more than another).

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